Go further. Together.

These aren’t just lights. These are the 26 million steps made by our 3 million users.

Each one is a travel story that we helped to create. But not all adventures in life happen on the road. Start on your Polarsteps journey today.

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Why Polarsteps?


We believe that life is an adventure and that this should be as true in our office as it is when you have just had your passport stamped. Which is why we do everything we can to make sure your time at Polarsteps will be the ride of your life.  


We can’t promise that you will NEVER have a meeting that could have been an email or that you won’t, on occasion, feel the need to spend five minutes staring out the window dreaming of exotic places (but hey, we’re a travel company, we encourage that)... But we do promise the following:



Exciting and fulfilling work to fill your days. 


Smart, kind and passionate people to share the experience with. 

And the freedom to make the journey your own.


What matters to us


This is much more than a bunch of black and white pixels arranged on a page  – it is who we are as a company and who we will always strive to be. Along with strong coffee, these values get us out of bed every morning. They also guide every decision we make – from the people we hire (that could be you!) to the things we create and everything else in between. 


We are dedicated to our craft

Whether it is our developers, community managers, founders or the guy who comes in to water our plants – we love people that take pride in what they do, honing their craft to perfection (or as close as can be).

If you happen to read them and think “Yeah… This is the kind of thing I want to be a part of”, well, then we could be a match made in heaven. Get in touch and let’s see how we get on. 


Once a year, every member of the Polarsteps team is "teleported" to a random international destination, as previously visited and loved by one of our users. Oh, and the flight is on us.


Press the button to see where you could end up.

Paco teleported
to New Zealand
Florian teleported
to Sri Lanka
Sascha teleported
to India

Perks & Benefits


As well as being part of our amazing journey, we have a couple of other things to offer. You know – perks, the cool stuff. And it doesn’t stop there. There’s plenty of other stuff that will make your time with us unique. We’re fans of spontaneous nights out (hellooo karaoke), fully-stocked snack drawers and frequent office BBQs. 


Team lunches

Subsidized by us



Downtown Amsterdam


Pollo Pollo's*

 This is what we call our parties, ask to find out why


The Teleporter

One free flight per year


28 days for all your adventures & desires


Travel books

For free

Life @ Polarsteps


Why listen to us, when you can see for yourself?! Here’s a sneak-peek

of Polarsteps life...